I don’t like wearing heavy foundation in summer. No, I just hate it. I feel it on my skin, I see it in the mirror, or worse – somebody else sees my foundation on my face. But some days (we all have these days, or at least I have more than my share of them) my skin isn’t good enough for just a sunscreen with a sheer tint. That when BB and CC creams come in handy.

First, not everyone knows what BB and CC creams are. If you do, well skip ahead, this will only take a moment. BB creams came from Germany in the 1950’s, when Dr. Christine Schrammek produced a cream to help skin heal after peeling and laser surgery. BB creams ( AKA Beauty Balm, Beauty Benefit, Blemish Base, Beblesh Balm, or Blemish Balm) allowed patients to still go out in the sun while at the same time covering up red blotchy parts. Some of the BB creams now have anti-aging properties (or so they claim). CC creams are similar but are Color Correcting, thus the CC, right?

Ok, so now we know what CC and BB mean, but how to find one that will not clog your pores, give you breakouts and make you look like a shiny grease-ball? It’s not easy. I have tried probably close to 50 of each and believe me, not all are equal. Some BB and CC creams do some things well, like hydrate, act like serums, cover up blemishes and lines, even fight acne and protect against the sun’s rays. But, let’s just say they don’t all charm the skin like they should. Here are a few I have tried that come closest:



#1. La Roche-Posay Effaclar BB Blur

This amazing mousse texture glides on like a magic making your skin look pore-less and even. BB Blur is formulated with a smoothing mattifier Airlicium that absorbs 150 times its weight in oil and shine for an all-day matte skin and visibly smooth skin. Impressive, huh? Additionally, it has no fragrance which is important for imperfection-prone skin.

#2. Osmosis Colour CC Cream

Ok, this is my own new Holy Grail of СС creams. Not only does it apply wonderfully and have a velvet finish but it evens out skin tone without caking out on my makeup. Why is it good for my combination acne prone skin? Because it has kaolin which has been used for ages to keep blemishes and breakouts under control.

#3. Supergoop! Daily Correct CC Cream SPF 40

Supergoop! Is a mineral CC cream with a medium coverage. It does not only does a great job of evening out skin tones but gives you broad spectrum SPF 40. This CC cream goes on so smooth, blends perfectly, and dries all the way down, and it does not accentuate my fine lines or pores.

#4. IT COSMETICS Your Skin But Better CC Cream with SPF 50+

So true to the title – Your Skin but Better. It gives a nice, natural finish that allows your natural skin to peek through. It also protects your skin with SPF 50+ UVA/UVB broad-spectrum physical sunscreen which means that it can be used by those with sensitive skin. Additionally, it has a good range of shades to choose from.

#5. Clinique Anti-blemish Solutions Bb Cream SPF 40

This is a lightweight liquid cream which applies easily and sets to a flawless finish. I bet you will receive a ton of compliments when you add it to your skin care routine as it gives long-wearing, matte finish which is great for those with oily skin like me. Additionally, it has broad-spectrum SPF 40.

#6. Dr. Jart Dis-a-pore Beauty Balm

This is a great BB cream by Korean brand Dr. Jart. It doesn’t make your face oily or cakey. It’s very light but still does a great job covering up. It doesn’t even feel like I’m wearing any liquid makeup or a sunscreen. Amazing!

#7. Smashbox Camera Ready CC Cream Broad Spectrum SPF 30 Dark Spot Correcting

This color-correcting cream’s nice lightweight formula is a game changer with the real ability to visibly lessen the appearance of dark spots, sun spots, and post-acne marks instantly and over time. It brightens skin for a more even complexion and protects with SPF 30, adding moisture without creating excess oil.