So summer is almost here (I know, I know, I keep saying this) and I can’t wait to try on my new summer clothes. And of course we will need enchanting scents to complete the look. Fragrances can perform differently depending on the season and the weather and most of those perfumes that we adored in winter can very well knock us dead in summer. Like any other season, summer has many remarkable features: It absorbed an unimaginable amount of flavors and colors: the green of meadows and fields, the morning dew, flower bloom, the freshness of the summer wind, the charm of the first summer showers with thunderstorms, the juiciness of fruits and berries…and those luring notes we are looking for in a summer fragrance.



#1. Byredo Bal d’Afrique

It starts out with a fresh burst of citrus, but not sharp. Then it progresses into a light but dominant woody vetiver and just lingers like that for the rest of the day, although it’s perfectly balanced with marigold. It’s a cheerful fragrance that lifts your mood and your own little world will become a forest of citrus trees and greenery!

Jo Malone Grapefruit Cologne 1.0 oz Cologne Spray

#2. Jo Malone Grapefruit

The opening is tangerine, citruses and a big grapefruit. Added to the mix is some mint and floral notes of jasmine and rosemary. It’s not overly citrusy, not overwhelmingly green yet it’s very refreshing and would be a wonderful choice for a day at the beach or on the boat or just casually in the daytime when it’s hot and you want something fresh and fruity to cool you down.

#3. Creed Acqua Florentine Eau de Parfum

Some call it perfect wedding day perfume and I agree. Romantic, feminine and softly sweet. Fruit is by far the dominant theme so if you are looking for a plum and apple note in a perfume, go no further.

#4. MANCERA Eau de Parfum Spray

It evokes memories of romantic summer nights when you walk barefoot on the beach with a bouquet of magnificent roses. The scent is intense and very feminine. It‘s very long-lasting and a little goes a long way.

#5. Juliette Has A Gun Eau de Parfum Spray, Not A Perfume

Elegant and delicate perfume for those of us who are looking for something light that isn’t a citrus or otherwise “clean” fragrance. The main note here is amber, but it’s not in-your-face type of amber but rather subtle and calming. It’s perfect for hot summer cocktail party or night out.


The Sent by CoStumeNational is again for those who do not like crispy clean summer perfumes. Here we have a soft amber brightened up with hibiscus and tea accord. If it’s subtlety you’re looking for in an amber, this is it.

#7. CARON PARIS Fleur De Rocaille Eau de Toilette

It’s a cult scent by Caron. Timeless elegancy. Delightful gardenia, rose, lilac, jasmine, iris, mimosa and violet. Just imagine holding a bouquet of all of those flowers in front of your face, that’s how it smells. Mesmerizing!